BNP Standing Committee Member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain has said the current Awami League government is the obstacle to fair elections in Bangladesh.“The USA has announced that those who obstruct the elections will not be given visas. We want to say from this rally that those who are obstructing fair elections, democracy or people's right to vote in Bangladesh are the current government,” he said,

To save democracy in this country, there is no alternative to a popular uprising and the people are ready, the uprising will begin soon, he said while addressing a BNP rally in the capital's Nayapaltan area on Saturday.

"The prime minister of this illegal government has been rejected in various countries. Today, the world knows that not a single fair election has been held under Sheikh Hasina," the BNP leader said.  

Khandkar Mosharraf said the ruling party knows that it will lose miserably if the people are allowed to vote.

At the rally, BNP Standing Committee Member Mirza Abbas said, "No civilised country in the world will give visas to thieves like you, all your misdeeds in the last 14 years will be judged."

He criticised the ruling party's General Secretary Obaidul Quader for his comment that Awami League will no longer hold peace rallies but will go for resistance to confront "BNP's destructive programmes".

Terming Quader's comment as provocative, Mirza Abbas said, "Our movement is for voting rights, food, gas and electricity. Will you resist us?"

Urging the partymen to resist Awami League, Mirza Abbas said, "BNP leaders and activists will not sit idle if they are attacked."

BNP Metropolitan South convener Abdus Salam said the government is isolated from the whole world. "This government will be blown away by the brewing storm."

The Dhaka North and South city units of BNP organised the rally to press home their 10-point demands and to protest the disregard of the High Court's directives by subordinate courts and the government, arbitrary arrests, false cases, police harassment, rising commodity prices, load shedding and corruption of the Awami government.