BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said - the party has proved that it never commits violence.

“The government and its agencies do violence. They want to blame the BNP, but could not this time,” he said while talking to journalists at his residence in Thakurgaon on Friday.

BNP is not protesting for its benefit; it is protesting to get back people's right to vote, to protect constitutional rights, democratic rights, freedom of media, and more, Mirza Alamgir said.

The Awami League government itself has created a political crisis in Bangladesh, he said adding, BNP is waging movement for some fundamental issues. 

Restoring the rights to vote, upholding constitutional rights, ensuring freedom of press and accountability of the government, and, above all forming an election-time neutral government to hold a free and fair election are the main goals of this ongoing movement.

Mirza Alamgir added: “People have decided that they do not want to see this government. The government itself has created a political crisis. They abolished the caretaker government system to perpetuate one-party rule.”

It is universally accepted that under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government, there will be no transparent and fair elections, he added.