BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has cautioned that the ruling Awami League government will be forced to resign from power through the one-point united movement.

"The anti-people illegal government has clinged to power using the state machinery forcibly and violating the constitution. People have become united against this government. All political parties have reached a consensus that they will not take part in any election under this government," he said.

He was talking to reporters at a joint press after holding a meeting with the leaders of Gano Forum and Bangladesh People's Party at the BNP Chairperson's political office at Gulshan in the capital on Friday afternoon.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam said Bangladesh's people have not become united. People would force the ruling party to arrange an election under a non-party neutral government ousting them from power through a united movement.

Referring to the finalisation of one-point movement strategy, he said, "We have discussed what will be our joint movement programmes in the days ahead. Earlier, we announced several points and based on those we have been struggling to unseat the government. We have discussed in detail how and when we can launch our one-point movement."

Gano Forum general secretary Advocate Subrata Chowdhury said, "Election is ahead. They (BNP) said no election will be held without a non-party neutral government and voters will also not take part in that election. We are going to launch our one-point movement soon to achieve that goal."

He said they reached a consensus at Friday's meeting that a joint declaration would be presented before the nation as soon as possible. "Then we will force this government to resign through a mass upsurge involving people in our democratic struggle and hold a free and fair election under a neutral government," he said.

Gano Forum's executive president Professor Abu Sayeed, AKM Jaglul Haider Afrik, Mohiuddin Abdul Kader, and People's Party chairman Babul Sarder Chakhari and secretary general Abdul Kader were present at the meeting.

On the other hand, apart from BNP secretary general, vice-chairman Barkat Ullah Bulu and joint secretary general Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal were present.