The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party said on Monday that the solution to the ongoing political crisis would come on the streets if the government did not resign immediately, handing over power to an election-time impartial government.

‘There will be no elections under the Awami League. This government should resign and hand over the power to a neutral, non-partisan government to hold the election. If the government does not resign, the solution to the ongoing crisis will be fixed on the streets,’ BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said at a rally in Khulna.

BNP’s affiliated bodies, Jatiyatabadi Juba Dal, Jatiyatabadi Swechchhasebak Dal, and Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, arranged the programme titled ‘Youth Rally’ on the Sonali Bank premises in Khulna city.

Ignoring the rain, thousands of leaders and activists of the party and its affiliated bodies took part in the rally wearing colourful t-shirts and caps. They carried various placards with different slogans against government misrule.

The BNP alleged that the ruling Awami League had forced bus owners to suspend services in Koyra and Paikgacha upazilas since Sunday so that BNP leaders and activists could not join the rally.

Khulna Metropolitan BNP convener Shafiqul Alam Mona alleged that AL leaders and activists obstructed the youth from joining the rally.

Addressing the rally, Fakhrul said the nation was currently in a transitional period.

‘Today’s youth gathering inspires us. Our task is to organise Bangladesh’s people and remove the illegal government from power. Otherwise, we will not only have the right to vote, but we will not have Bangladesh,’ he said.

Commenting that the Awami League has become politically bankrupt, Fakhrul said that they could even tolerate Hero Alom.

‘Aside from attacking him, this government’s cadres threw him out. This government continues to claim that there will be fair elections under it. This Awami League has turned everything into a joke. It ruined everything,’ Fakhrul said.

He said that the Awami League had only changed its clothes today. They run a one-party system like before.

‘I was listening to the cries and cries of people who lost their relatives. I was wondering what my reply would be to them. Did we create this state for this? AL destroyed every achievement of the nation,’ he said.

He alleged that the Awami League is once again trying to hold a one-sided election, and that is why the Awami League has created some sycophants.

‘These are the traders who are sucking people’s blood. They have eaten the banks. All the money has been smuggled,’ he added.

He said that AL was looting all of Bangladesh’s resources, and the country was facing the biggest crisis right now.

‘Now rice is unavailable even for Tk 90. But they said they would feed rice for Tk 10. This government has no aim in that direction,’ he said.

‘There is no time to talk. Now only work and work. Those occupying power illegally must be ousted. Otherwise, this Bangladesh will not exist,’ he observed.

Commenting that this government had destroyed the country’s health system, Fakhrul said that the health minister went abroad, putting the people in danger. They have no love for Bangladesh.

Relatives of victims of assault, torture, and murder spoke at this youth rally.

They burst into tears while sharing their feelings. They cried out to the leaders and activists present and demanded justice for their lost relatives.