ONB (25 July) London : BNP acting Chairman Tarique Rahman has called upon the democracy-loving people from all over the country to join the Mahasambesh of Dhaka on July 27, regardless of party, religion, caste.He made this appeal to the countrymen in a video speech on Tuesday (July 25, 2023).

Tarique Rahman said, "If the people of all classes and professions of the country, regardless of religion and caste, unite and join the Mahasambesh, then the fascist government will be forced to accept the demands of the people." The people now have only one demand, 'point one demand one - resignation of Sheikh Hasina'.National elections should be held under a non-partisan neutral government leaving Sheikh Hasina out of state power.

With an illegitimate government, an illegitimate parliament and the current spineless Election Commission, fair and impartial elections will never, cannot happen. Don't let people be'