Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said, 21 August, 1/11 and Pilkhana massacre cannot be seen separately.

On Monday (August 21), in a virtual speech he said that the incident of August 21, 2004 was done to tarnish the image of the nationalist forces in the country and abroad as part of a far-reaching conspiracy to make the country into a slave state in the belief of the people. August 21 was a deep conspiracy against the nationalist forces.

Referring to the attack on the Awami League rally on August 21, 2004 as the worst and most heinous, BNP Acting Chairman said that every year, the worst incident of August 21 is widely discussed in the state and various events are held. However, a more terrible incident than 21 August happened in February 2009. 57 army officers were killed in Pilkhana in the name of BDR rebellion. But why is there no discussion on the day of the most brutal army massacre in Pilkhana every year in the state?