Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said that the source of all political power of BNP is the people. There is no need to beg anyone else to stay in power, if there is a public foundation. Bangladesh is not a gift of kindness. The freedom fighters liberated Bangladesh through a bloody liberation war. So, BNP will never compromise with anyone in exchange for an inch of Bangladesh's land or the country's interests. Similarly, the BNP government will not allow even an inch of independent Bangladesh's land to be used to harm the interests of any other country.

On Sunday (September 10), Tarique Rahman said these things in the speech of the chief guest. Party Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir welcomed 25 armed forces officers who joined BNP with flowers in a function organized at the political office of BNP Chairperson.

Welcoming the former officers of the armed forces to the party, the Acting Chairman of BNP, Tarique Rahman said, In this ongoing movement against the mafia government, your joining the BNP will convey a positive message to the democracy-loving people. In the near future, in the ongoing movement to establish democracy, human rights, and voting rights, people of various professions who want to be active or want to play an active role, the power of Bangladesh and the patriotic nationalist power also welcome them.

Acting Chairman of BNP said that it is not possible to solve any crisis of the country by keeping Sheikh Hasina in power. The movement to rescue the country from the hands of the mafia government and return Bangladesh to the people will continue. Because, the establishment of a safe democratic Bangladesh is the promise of BNP to the present and future generations.

Tarique Rahman said that the ongoing movement in the country is not only the movement of BNP to the state power. This movement is a movement to protect the freedom of the country and the people, a movement to establish equality-human dignity and justice as the motto of the liberation war in the country, a movement to establish democracy-human rights-voting rights in the country.

The Acting Chairman of BNP said that the people who want freedom from the misrule of the mafia government now have one demand - Sheikh Hasina's resignation. There is no chance of delaying the claim. Keeping Sheikh Hasina in power, maintaining the current illegal government, Parliament and the spineless Election Commission, the national elections cannot be fair and impartial. The elections should be held under a neutral non-partisan government.

Addressing the former officers of the armed forces who joined the BNP, Tarique Rahman said, Currently, the country is going through a deep crisis period. The country and the people's freedom are in danger under the grip of the mafia. In such a situation democratic conscious patriotic people have no option to be active.

Tariq Rahman also said that Bangladesh has gone through this kind of crisis many times before. But time and time again patriotic people united and stopped all conspiracies. On November 7, 1975, the great evidence of the united revolution of the sepoy people.

Tarique said, to turn the country into a dependent state, the conspiracy of the defeated evil forces on November 7, 1975 never stopped. As part of that far-reaching conspiracy, the brutal incident of 21 August 2004 was carried out to destroy the image of the nationalist power of Bangladesh at home and abroad. So, August 21 is not an isolated incident. 

Acting Chairman of BNP said that 21 August 2004 and the so-called 'One Eleven' of 2007 are based on the same principle. August 21 was a pre-rehearsal for the formation of an alleged One Eleven. The defeated evil power of November 7, 1975 took over the power of the state through the so-called 'One Eleven' conspiracy. By seizing the state power, the evil forces against the interests of the country first hit the army, the symbol of courage and honor of the country.

Tarique Rahman said, within a couple of months of the seizure of power by the Awami League, a well-planned brutal army massacre was carried out in Pilkhana in February 2009 in the name of BDR rebellion. Bangladesh could not turn around after that.

Acting Chairman of BNP said that patriotic people think that the day of brutal killing of 57 army officers in the capital itself should be celebrated as 'National Mourning Day' every year. But Bangladesh has been made so helpless today that the army itself seems to have lost the courage to remember the black day of army massacre with due importance.

Tarique Rahman said that political empowerment of the people is essential in addition to a strong army to protect the independence, sovereignty and unity of a country. But the fascist Hasina has taken away the voting rights of the citizens, one of the main weapons of political empowerment of the people. Behind the pro-democracy masses, the Helmet Army, the Chapati League and a group of terrorists in the uniform of the law enforcers have hatched.

He also said that the fascist Hasina has extended her misrule by force of arms by leaving the democratic people powerless but Bangladesh has lost its glory and self-esteem. People have lost freedom-respect-human rights-right to vote. Today the people are subjugated in their own country. The country's independence-sovereignty is under threat.

Regarding the Rohingya population sheltered in Bangladesh, Tarique Rahman said, because of the lack of power and lack of progress of the fascist Hasina, a large number of Rohingya population has appeared in the territory of Bangladesh as a new crisis like a 'wound on the neck'. 

He also said, "During the regime of martyred President Ziaur Rahman, the promulgator of Bangladesh's independence, even during the regime of 'Mother of Democracy' Begum Khaleda Zia, the then ruling class of Myanmar continued to push the Rohingya people to Bangladesh. But due to the determined and courageous actions of Shaheed Zia and Begum Khaleda Zia, Myanmar failed to push the Rohingya population to Bangladesh at that time.

The Acting Chairman of BNP said that fascist Hasina has completely failed to solve the Rohingya crisis. Fascist Hasina is failing to protect the interests of Bangladesh in almost every case, not just the Rohingya crisis. 

Tarique Rahman also said that why the mafia government is showing failure to protect the interests of Bangladesh, before blaming any other country for the failure of fascist Hasina, it is the demand of time to find the reason behind it. It is also important to investigate why Myanmar has dared to push millions of Rohingya people to Bangladesh. 

Tarique Rahman said that the people of the country think that the fascist Hasina has turned Bangladesh into an almost ineffective state to meet the illegal lack of power. The army has broken the morale of the armed forces through well-planned killings. Every constitutional and statutory institution, including the country's judiciary, ACC, election commission, has been held hostage by the looter mafia.

He also said that all the forces of the state have been kept behind the democratic people of the country instead of being used for the security of the state. Democracy, human rights, voting rights have been taken away and the people have been left powerless. 

Tarique Rahman said, Fascist Hasina's destructive lust for power has isolated Bangladesh from the democratic world. As a result, negative forces against the interests of Bangladesh have exploited this opportunity to weaken Bangladesh. 

Tarique Rahman said that the leadership elected by the people is essential to protect the interests of the country. A leadership personality cannot be established by spending hundreds of crores of rupees on foreign trips and taking pictures with the heads of state of different countries. To establish leadership, it is necessary to be faithful and steadfast in protecting the interests of one's country, to be responsible to the people of one's country. Being accountable to the people of your country. 

Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said that Foreign Minister Abul Momen of Nishirat's government has proved that Sheikh Hasina's leadership depends on the mercy of other countries by publicly begging for the mercy of other countries to stay in power. Therefore, it is not possible for the power-hungry fascist Hasina to protect the interests of Bangladesh from anyone, be it Myanmar or any other country. Fascist Hasina's electricity deal with India's Adani is also completely against the interests of Bangladesh. 

Tarique Rahman said, Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP has got the opportunity to run the state several times in different periods after coming to power by the people's verdict. BNP believes that relations with foreign or neighboring countries should not be husband-wife or master-servant relations, but friendly relations based on respect, dignity and protection of mutual national interests. 

Tarique Rahman highlighted a comment of Fascist Hasina aimed at India in 2018 and said that Fascist Hasina herself commented that 'they will remember what I gave to India forever'. It is natural to raise the question in the minds of the people of Bangladesh with such comments, what has Bangladesh received from India in return? Where is the list of receipts of Bangladesh? The people want to know, in return, has India put the vote robber Hasina on the shoulders of the people of Bangladesh?

Tarique Rahman said that more programs are coming to the final stage of the ongoing movement to establish the spoiled voting rights of 12 crore voters. I call on the power of Bangladesh to make all programs successful by taking the people of the demands together and to the power of democracy. People will win soon inshallah.

It should be noted that among the 25 officers who joined BNP, there are 19 former army officers, two former navy officers and four former air force officers. The former 19 officers of the army are Brigadier General (retd.) Zahoor, Colonel (retd.) Abdul Haque, Lieut. Colonel (Retd.) Ayub, Lieut. Colonel (Retd.) Hasinur Rahman, Lieut. Colonel (Retd.) Nowroz, Lieut. Colonel (Retd.) Mustafiz, Lieut. Colonel (Retd.) Saeed Alam, Lieut. Colonel (retd) Rashed, Major (retd) Aziz Rana, Major (retd) Korban Ali, Major (retd) Zakeol, Major (retd) Afaz, Major (retd) Mortaza, Major (retd) Chabbir, Major (retd) Tanveer, Major (retd) Al Amin, Major (retd) Moniruzzaman, Capt (retd) Ganiul Azam and Lieut. (Retd.) Imran.

The two former Navy officers are Rear Admiral (retd) Mustafizur Rahman and Commodore (retd) Mustafa Sahid. The four former Air Force officers are Air Commodore (retd) Shafiq, Air Commodore (retd) Shah Shahe Alam, Squadron Leader (retd) Akhtar Hafiz Khan, Squadron Leader (retd) Shafiqul Islam.

BNP Standing Committee members Mirza Abbas, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury and Begum Selima Rahman were also present at the joining ceremony of these former officers of the armed forces. Apart from this, the team's Vice Chairman Air Vice Marshal (retd) Altaf Hossain Chowdhury, Air Vice Marshal (retd) Fakhrul Azam and Major General (retd) Fazle Elahi Akbar were also present.