BNP Standing Committee Member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy underscored their commitment to the people and their determination to bring about change. 

He declared their movement to be one of utmost significance, stating, "Our movement is now do or die. We cannot tolerate the oppression of Sheikh Hasina any longer." 

he said at a BNP rally in the Tongi College gate area of Gazipur city,

"We are fighting for the people. If the people stand with us, we will not require SPs and police stations. By ensuring the resignation of Sheikh Hasina, we will be able to protect the voting rights of the people through fair and free elections."

Gayeshwar said the BNP would no longer wait for administrative permission to engage in agitation and struggle, implying that intelligence agencies would be unable to protect the Sheikh Hasina government.

‘Our movement is do or die. Live or die. We don’t want to live with Sheikh Hasina’s torture. So we have to be prepared for that. He said that they were fighting for the people and that they did not need police, as people would stand by them.

Another member of the BNP Standing Committee, Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury, stated, "The people are with us. They support the BNP's simultaneous movement to reach one goal: the resignation of the government and the end of dictatorship."

"The people are moving forward unitedly. There is no one with the Awami League, no people support the government, nor are there any foreigners," he said.

Dhaka District and Gazipur city units of the BNP organised the rallies in their respective areas, demanding the government's resignation, elections under a non-partisan neutral government, and the release of Khaleda Zia.