Tarique Rahman, acting Chairman of BNP said, the country's judiciary is now involved in human rights violations. On the occasion of Janmashtami on Tuesday (September 19) at the chairperson's office in Gulshan, he said this during the exchange of greetings with Hindus via Skype from London.

He said, judges are no longer as judges, but are proud to identify themselves as politicians. Due to these unscrupulous judges, the democratic people have completely lost faith in the judiciary of the country.


Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said , after the statements of more than 100 Nobel laureates in the world and the injustice in the name of trial against human rights figure Adilur Rahman Khan, it has been proved that even the democratic world does not have confidence in the judiciary of Bangladesh. Although it is unpopular, the truth is that democracy-loving people at home and abroad believe that the country's judiciary is now involved in human rights violations as an accomplice of the ruling mafia government.

Tarique Rahman said, politics-economy-religious and social values of the country, in every field, there has been a final degradation. The country's politics has been corrupted to satisfy the illegal power of Hasina. Bangladesh has been turned into a laughingstock at home and abroad. The glory of the liberation war has been destroyed and the people are now subjugated in their own country.

Tarique Rahman said, there is no security for Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, believers and non-believers except for the corrupt Awami League.

He said, ruling Awami league has started the apolitical politics of blame game in the country by attacking the homes and places of worship of different religious minorities at different times. On the other hand, the religious minorities are cunningly trying to make themselves a target of pity. Proof of this, the fascist Hasina's mafia government has attacked the homes and religious places of worship of various religious minorities numerous times in the last 15 years. But till date not a single incident has been properly prosecuted.

Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said, if there is an opportunity to BNP government in the national elections held under a neutral government during the upcoming elections, a civil investigation will be conducted to reveal the incident of every attack on the homes of various religious minorities and religious places of worship in the last 15 years by civil society, all-party and all-religious representatives. On the basis of the report of the Citizens Commission, each case will be tried in the courts according to  law.

Tarique Rahman said, the motto of the liberation war was equality-human dignity-social justice. The freedom fighters liberated Bangladesh for the construction of an independent state and society where every citizen can exercise their religious-political-social rights .

Acting Chairman of BNP said, BNP never does politics on religion. Religion is not used for nefarious party political interests and will not do so. Do not want to make religion a political tool. BNP believes that party-based-religion belongs to its own country. BNP believes that everyone has the right to have their own religion.

Addressing the Hindus, Tarique Rahman said, 'This Bangladesh belongs to you, all of us. Every citizen of Bangladesh will enjoy equal rights in all fields, this is the policy of BNP, this is the politics of BNP.

The Acting Chairman of BNP said, the country's politics-economy-religious and social values have been totally degraded in every field. But Nishirat's government, addicted to illegal power, does not care about anything.

Referring to the dengue situation across the country, Tarique Rahman said, the current government has no regrets about why the dengue situation has become an epidemic. Awami Looters have syndicated the prices of every commodity. There is a famine situation in the country. The country's farmers, workers, youth, students, young people, people of every class and profession, as well as the helpless people, want freedom from the grip of fascist Hasina.

He said, about twelve crore people of the country can safely go to the polling station during the day and vote for the candidate of their choice to form a democratic state and society and an accountable government.

Acting Chairman of BNP said that a fair, free and impartial election is never possible by keeping the Hasina in power, the illegal government and parliament and the current spineless Election Commission. As a result, the people's demand at the moment is Sheikh Hasina's resignation.

He said, everyone should be ready to make maximum sacrifices to get this demand, the demand to get rid of the power-hungry bloodthirsty fascist Hasina can't be made only with slogans. "We have to make a final decision whether we will only be victims of the mafia gang's attack cases, disappearances, murders and kidnappings or will take over the streets unitedly to demand," said Tarique Rahman.

Tarique Rahman said, "The pure patriotism of the freedom announcer and the uncompromising fighting spirit of the country leader Begum Khaleda Zia are the inspiration for our victory in the ongoing movement".

He said, the ongoing movement is not a movement of BNP coming to power alone. The ongoing movement, the movement to protect the freedom of the country and the people. A movement to establish the democratic rights of 18 crore people and the spoiled voting rights of twelve crore voters.

Tarique Rahman said, BNP has announced programs across the country to realize the demands. If the pro-democracy forces of Bangladesh unite on the streets, the defeat of the mafia forces is only a matter of time. Because, all the places are shrinking in the country and abroad for the mafia.

Acting Chairman of BNP said, for a democratic and humane Bangladesh, like in 71, like on November 7, 1975, we should wake up unitedly regardless of caste and religion.

This Janmashtami greeting ceremony begins with the reading of the Gita. Leaders of Bangladesh Puja Parishad along with the priests of ISKCON Temple and Ramakrishna Mission of Dhaka participated in it. Later the guests were entertained with Janmashtami Prasad.

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, "In 1971, we made the country independent by fighting in 1971." Our goal then was to make a democratic state. Today they (ruling government) have destroyed that democracy. Our rights have been taken away.

He said, "Today it will be our responsibility to protect this country. It is not only the movement of BNP, it is the movement of all people.

The event was also attended by BNP Standing Committee member Dr. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Dr. Abdul Moeen Khan, Vice Chairman Barkat Ullah Bulu, Nitai Roy Chowdhury, Advocate Subrata Chowdhury, General Secretary of Gano Forum, Bijan Kanti Sarkar, President of Hindu Buddhist Christian Welfare Front, Former Secretary Bijan Kanti Sarkar, Front Central Leader Jayant Kumar Kund, BNP Central Committee Assistant Secretary for Religion A. TM Abdul Bari Dani, Amlendu Apu, Sushil Barua, Ramesh Dutt, Debashish Roy Madhu, Tarun Dey, Milton Vaidya, Mithali Chakraborty etc.

Tariue Rahman also said, after the appearance of Krishna, the murderous dictator 'Raja Kangsa' was destroyed. The Hindus of the world believe that one of the vows of Lord Krishna was, 'The suppression of evil'.

Tariq Rahman said, not only Hinduism, but also one of the basic teachings of every religion is to build resistance against injustice and injustice. Every religion talks about equality, harmony and humanity.