BNP's road march program started from the Bhairav bus stand with a one-point demand for the resignation of the government. BNP Standing Committee members Babu Gayeshwar Chandra Roy and Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury inaugurated the road march.

The road march started from Bhairav Bus Stand at 11:30 am on Thursday (September 21). It will end at the Sylhet Alia Madrasa field. There will be three road meetings at Bishwa Road Junction in Brahmanbaria, Shaistaganj Junction in Habiganj and Sherpur in Moulvibazar. They will cover more than 150 km from Bhairav to Sylhet.

BNP Standing Committee member Babu Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said in the inaugural rally that the price of Sheikh Hasina and Awami League is decreasing day by day. They are saying that if they are not in power, 1 million people will die. But if they are in power, 18 crore people of the country will die. The people of Bangladesh will decide who will come to power.

Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury said the regime is in power, not the Awami League. They have taken away the rights of the people of the country. Cases have been filed in the name of about 50 lakh activists. Attempts are being made to make the BNP redundant by using the judiciary.

Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury said that no democratic country in the world is with this government. The people of the country have taken a stand against those who have destroyed the country. Those who destroyed the voting system in the country. Bangladesh must be protected even with the last drop of blood.

Adviser to BNP Chairperson Advocate Fazlur Rahman said in the rally that no election will be allowed under Sheikh Hasina. Those who want to vote under the current government will be listed.

It is to be noted that, BNP declared the fall of the government unilaterally from a rally in Dhaka on 12 July 2023.