The Prime Minister's statement, which mandates Begum Khaleda Zia's return to jail for permission to seek treatment abroad, indicates her personal commitment to obstructing the BNP chairperson's access to medical care, BNP Standing Committee Member Amir Khasru said on Saturday.

"With this refusal, the Prime Minister has taken it upon herself to deny Khaleda Zia proper treatment. The decision Sheikh Hasina has made will ultimately determine her own fate," he said.

Khasru made these remarks during a discussion meeting held to protest the case and sentencing of BNP Vice Chairman Aman Ullah Aman at Dhaka Reporters Unity in the capital on Saturday.

In an interview with Voice of America on Saturday (30th September), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina insisted that BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia must return to prison first and then follow the legal process if she wishes to travel abroad for treatment.

He said, "While sitting in America, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says what will happen if we don't go to America? The heads of government from all countries return home after addressing the United Nations General Assembly, except her. What is she doing there?"

"Ministers and government officials are also saying, what will happen if they don't go to America. But it's not just about them; it concerns the 18 crore people of this country. Bangladesh conducts significant apparel trades with countries like America, with the US being the major destination for RMG exports. If this sector is affected by visa restrictions, garment workers will lose their jobs. The US decision has repercussions on the country's economy and its people."

Amir Khasru said, "Thousands of BNP leaders, including Khaleda Zia and Aman Ullah, have been in jail as part of the Awami League's vote-stealing project."

Drawing attention to Khaleda Zia's deteriorating health, Amir Khasru stated, "They continue to withhold her release, denying her access to necessary advanced treatment."