Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman called on the power of Bangladesh, the power of democracy, farmers, workers, youth, students, teachers and all people of all classes and professions to make the October 28 general meeting a success at any cost.

Tarique Rahman said, join the grand rally on October 28 unitedly. Take an oath, this ongoing movement will not stop until the demands are met. The program of the October 28 mass rally is the beginning of the end of the series of programs against Hasina government.

On Thursday (26th October), the occasion of the 28th October Mahasambesh, he made this appeal to the people of democracy in a video address to the nation .

He said, if Bangladesh cannot be freed from the grip of the mafia, in the near future the people may have to wear the chains of subjugation in their own country like the oppressed Palestinians.

In this speech of about 15 minutes, Tarique Rahman said that a fair and impartial election is not possible by maintaining the current government, Parliament and spineless Election Commission. Therefore, the next elections should be held under a non-partisan neutral government, keeping the identified vote robber Sheikh Hasina out of state power. For the sake of fair and impartial elections, the democracy-loving people of the country at this moment demand 'one step, one demand, resignation of Sheikh Hasina'.

Tarique Rahman said, BNP has called for a mass meeting in the capital Dhaka on October 28. This rally is a mass gathering of voters across the country. Every pro-democracy political party in the country has active cooperation and support towards this rally. This assembly also has the moral support of all the democratic powers of the world. This rally is not a rally for BNP to come to power alone.

Tarique Rahman said that the October 28 rally is a rally to take away the voting rights of twelve crore voters. A rally to stand against corrupt-robbers-money-launderers-missing-murderers-kidnappers. Rally to de-partisanship every constitutional and statutory institution and process in the country. Rally to ensure three meals a day for billions of farmers and hardworking people of the country. Gathering to ensure freedom of expression of journalists, columnists, intellectuals. This rally is a rally to make the country safe for every person regardless of religion or party. Convening to ensure a terror and extortion free environment for small business, entrepreneur-investors. Gathering to ensure safe life for women and children of the country. A gathering to build a safe Bangladesh for all the students of the country - young and old - and the next generation. A gathering to establish the human dignity of every citizen of all classes and occupations of the country. Above all, this rally is a rally to establish equality-human dignity-social justice, the motto of the liberation war in the country.

Tarique Rahman also said that there is no alternative to succeed in this gathering with the aim of building a democratic and humane Bangladesh.

Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said that Sheikh Hasina's mafia circle has become desperate to thwart the movement of pro-democracy people. They started mass arrests. BNP activists are not afraid of arrest and torture. Millions of people continue to attend every rally of BNP, ignoring the bloody eyes of the Awami fascist clique because they are not afraid.

Tarique Rahman, giving instructions to the leaders and workers of all levels of the party, especially the victims of disappearance cases, said that the democracy-loving people are on the verge of victory. So, it is not time to get arrested from home or to waste time in the balcony of the court in false cases, now is the time to finally turn around. No more protest, now it's time to build resistance with infinite courage.

Tarique Rahman said, if one is arrested, another person should immediately take the lead. How many people will they arrest? How many people will they jail?


Tarique Rahman also said that millions of people have been imprisoned in 68 prisons with a capacity of 44,000 people. An inhumane situation has been created in the prisons by the crowd of democracy-loving people.

Warning the government, Tarique Rahman said, mass arrests like this will not result in good results. Mass arrests of BNP and people of different parties and opinions must be stopped immediately.

He said that those who have already been arrested should be released before October 28. Otherwise, these imprisoned people will be forced to raise the voice of freedom of democracy from 68 prisons of the country on October 28.

Acting Chairman of BNP said that currently Bangladesh is facing a difficult period in history. In the country now there is a mountain of inequality. On one side is the reign of looters and on the other is the silent cry of the deprived people.

Tarique Rahman said, a minister of the Midnight government said that the standard of living of 40 million people in the country is like that of Europe. So the living standards of the remaining 14 million people in which country? Why do most people in the country have to go to the market and return without buying the necessary items? Why do many people have to starve to death? Who will answer these questions? The reality is that the price of every commodity has increased in the country. The only thing that has decreased is the price of words of Awami leaders and ministers. Human value, human dignity has decreased. This is because the country is now under the control of the mafia.

The BNP chairman said that the mafia clique has destroyed every constitutional institution of the country while maintaining the state power illegally. When the Chief Justice accepted a bouquet of flowers from the student body of the ruling party and a sword from the police, it was not left to understand that the constitutional institutions of the state were not only destroyed, but now the stench of rot began to spread.

He said that the mafia clique has carried out well-planned military massacres in the country while illegally axing the state power. The inevitable witness of the history of Bangladesh's great liberation war has changed the name-address of BDR. RAB and police forces have been known as murderous forces violating human rights at home and abroad. Finally, the country's Ansar army has also become the target of the mafia. The Awami clique has indulged in the plot to destroy the `Ansar' by pushing behind the democracy-loving people for their base political interests.

Acting Chairman of BNP said that if people want to establish people's rule in Bangladesh, first of all every citizen should be established to vote. Ensuring the right, opportunity and environment of every citizen to vote safely and securely. Because, without the political empowerment of the people, just as the sovereignty of the country is not secure, in the same way, the exercise of democratic rights, protection of human rights and sustainable development are also not possible.

Tarique Rahman said that every citizen's right to vote is one of the main weapons of political empowerment of citizens. But the fascist Hasina has taken away the democratic right of citizens to exercise their right to vote.

Acting Chairman of BNP said that people could not vote in the last few national elections. In the 2014 national elections, 154 people were brazenly declared MPs without a vote before the scheduled polling day. Then the national election was scheduled to be held on December 30, 2018. In that election too, on the day before the election, December 29, people's votes were robbed in the darkness of the night. An Awami Syndicate of the Public Administration and Law and Order especially cooperated in stealing the vote of fascist Hasina by using the self-respecting and spineless Election Commission.

Tarique Rahman said, once again the time of national elections is approaching. Midnight's vote-robbery government has once again indulged in a conspiracy to rob people's votes. Before this, people did not get a chance to vote in an election in 2014 or 2018. New voters could not vote either.

He said that out of about twelve crore voters in the country, about three crore voters of the new generation have been added to the voter list in the last 15 years. Awami must stand against vote robbers so that fascist Hasina cannot steal your-my-our votes like before.

Calling on the young generation, Tariq Rahman said, to take away the spoiled voting rights, about three crore voters, especially the new generation, should wake up. It is the youth who must lead the march for the right to vote in the streets.

He said, now is the time to set another historical example like November 7 of 52, 71, 75 or the anti-dictatorship movement of 90 by defeating the late night vote-robbing government in front of the students, youth and youth. No fascist in any country has ever survived in the face of the brave resistance of the youth. I firmly believe, fascist Hasina will not be able to survive in front of Praveen's wise guidance and Naveen's bright walk on the streets.

The Acting Chairman of BNP said that an Awami evil circle, which has been inserted into the law and order forces by wearing police uniforms to prevent the march of people's rights, has been repeatedly firing guns at the people. However, the number of this Awami evil circle in the law enforcement force is not very high. If the people are united, the evil Awami group wearing the uniform of law enforcement will be forced to retreat.

He said, this Awami evil circle against humanity has already been identified in the country and abroad. As the people of the country identified the Awami evil circle, the name of this evil circle is also in the list of human rights organizations of the world. However, the democratic people believe that most of the officers and members of the country's law and order forces agree with the democratic rights of the people. Because during the regime of fascist Hasina, the members of the public administration or the police force and even their family members could not vote.

The Acting Chairman of BNP said that BNP has held numerous peaceful rallies across the country including the capital to establish people's spoiled voting rights. Rallying to demand the right to vote is not a crime. Rather, it is a crime to obstruct the march to demand voting rights.

Tarique Rahman said, I would like to warn the members of the public administration and law enforcement forces not to involve themselves in crime by obstructing the suffrage rally. Democratic people do not believe in terrorist violence, but democratic people have the right to defend themselves if attacked.

Addressing the party's leaders and activists at all levels across the country, Tarique Rahman said that BNP is leading the ongoing movement due to its historical responsibility to establish democracy in the country despite ignoring hundreds of prisons. Because, every time there has been an attempt to kill democracy in Bangladesh, every time democracy has been revived or democracy has been restored by BNP.

Tarique Rahman said that Zia, the founder of BNP, had revived democracy in independent Bangladesh. Under the leadership of Mother of Democracy Begum Khaleda Zia, democracy was institutionalized in Bangladesh, democracy flourished. Similarly, BNP is on the streets in the ongoing movement to get 'democracy-human rights-voting rights', which have been lost in the country, along with all democracy-loving political parties and people.

Tarique Rahman said, there is no time to waste time. Now is the battle for ultimate victory. In the meantime, slogans have been raised, 'no concessions this time / we want the right to vote back'.

Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said, in 1971 we fought to achieve the independence of Bangladesh. And the ongoing movement is to protect the freedom of the country and the people. Soon the victory of democratic people will be assured. Inshallah.