Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman has called for the success of the three-day Countrywide blockade to achieve one-point demand.


He made this appeal to the countrymen in a video message on Monday.


Tarique Rahman said that the corruption and misrule of the mafia government is endangering the interests of the country and the people today. Those who are doing politics or not - every person of the country is affected in one way or another. Vote robber Hasina does not care about the interests of the common people. Sheikh Hasina is once again busy protecting the power by robbing people's votes.


Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said that the vote robber Hasina is begging for the mercy of other countries in order to maintain power and on the other hand she is illegally spending hundreds of crores to keep some corrupt public administration and police officials happy. But most of the people of the country are forced to spend their days half-starved or under extreme financial stress. The mafia government has no control over the market due to corruption. The prices of daily necessities are increasing uncontrollably. The reckless rise in the prices of commodities has caused a stir in public life. Daily necessities including pulses, rice, flour, oil, sugar and salt are now beyond the purchasing power of common people.


Tarique Rahman said, if the mafia government is in power, the people will have to starve to death in the near future. Many have to accept life as fugitives or spend the rest of their lives in courtrooms in false disappearance cases. This situation cannot be allowed to continue.


He said that the BNP has announced a three-day total blockade program across the country with the aim of freeing the people from the misrule of the mafia government and ensuring the right of citizens to vote, the right of every citizen to three meals a day. From Tuesday, October 31st to Thursday, November 2nd, a total blockade program will be observed across the country on roads, railways and waterways. This movement will continue until the demands are met. The people will not go home until the victory is won.


Tarique Rahman said, at the moment, only the spontaneous participation of the democratic people in every program is required. Already on October 29, the pro-democracy people have spontaneously observed a strike across the country to demand the resignation of vote robber Sheikh Hasina. I sincerely congratulate the democracy-loving people of the country for spontaneously observing the hartal in various parts of the country including the capital, ignoring the bloodshed of the Awami League and some police. Deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of those who were injured in the strike.


Addressing the countrymen, Tarique Rahman said, Dear democracy loving people, I know you will face some temporary inconvenience due to the strike. However, I sincerely request you to accept this hardship for the beautiful and safe future of the country and people. This suffering of yours can carry the ongoing movement to the port of final victory.


He said, for a safe Bangladesh in the future, let us not accept this hardship. So, make the total blockade across the country a success at any cost. Your freedom depends on the success of these announced programs. Liberation of the people. Liberation of democracy.


Tarique Rahman said that the source of all political power of BNP is the people. In other words, you are the political power of BNP. BNP is moving forward in realizing people's rights by relying on people's support and strength and not by force of RAB-Police guns.


The Acting Chairman of BNP said that people are the only fear of mafia in all countries of the world. If the people are united, the mafia can never survive in any state society. Hasina can't steal votes either. At present, there is no other democratic power in the country and abroad, except a opportunist-corrupt mafia circle, on the side of the mafia government. So, not only protest, but if strong resistance can be built, the downfall of Hasina's mafia government is only a matter of time.


Tarique Rahman said that the movement of people's rights cannot be stopped by arrest and harassment. Democracy-loving imprisoned people will now be forced to raise the voice of freedom of democracy even from prison.


Calling upon the party leaders and activists, BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman said, I call on all levels of my party leaders and activists across the country, there is no room for hesitation or retreat if one is arrested. You are the one who carries the flag of the movement forward. Take the lead - give the lead.