Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman greeted and congratulated the countrymen on National Revolution and Solidarity Day.

In his message to the countrymen on the occasion of the day, he said, November 7 is an unforgettable day of national life. On this day in 1975, the soldiers came down on the streets in an indomitable force with the conviction of protecting national independence and reviving the lost democracy. Therefore, the historical revolution of November 7 is of immense importance. Post-independence political chaos, the then ruling group jeopardized the national independence for their own interests and pushed the country to an unknown destination. A group of tyrannical regimes are introduced only to perpetuate their own power. As a result, the freedom of speech and expression of the people was strangled and a terrible situation was created, all the opposition political parties of the country were banned. This caused extreme unrest and frustration in the public mind. The BAKSHAL government takes away the inherent fundamental rights of people in an extremely undemocratic and ruthless manner.

Tarique Rahman said, during that extreme crisis, on November 3, 1975, the bandits imprisoned Ziaur Rahman, the great freedom announcer, in the cantonment with his family. A chaotic situation begins. In this situation, on November 7, fearless patriotic soldiers and people flocked to the streets to protect the freedom of the nation, and Ziaur Rahman was freed from captivity. In this Revolution, the independence and sovereignty of the country was secured under the leadership of President Ziaur Rahman. Democracy moves forward on the path of development without hindrance, from this day the journey of multi-party democracy begins. People feel relieved.

Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said, even then, the conspiracy did not stop, the local henchmen of foreign powers considered it a thorn in the way of achieving their goals and killed President Zia, the hero of the country in 1981. Despite Zia's martyrdom, Balinese people are still determined to protect the country's freedom and democracy in his ideals.

Tarique Rahman said, the defeated group of November 7, 1975 is again illegally clinging to the power of the new BAKSHAL government. The country's sovereignty is constantly being weakened due to the knee-jerk policy of the government. Attempts to take away the independent entities of domestic politics, economy and culture have not stopped. Democracy and people's freedom of speech are exiled today. There is a severe crisis in the country. The life of middle and low income people is now miserable due to the increase in the price of commodities including fuel oil. They are disoriented. The illegal ruling group is murdering and injuring activists fighting for democracy with brutal brutality and arresting them with false cases. Begum Khaleda Zia, the 'symbol of democracy', is still imprisoned in this continuous series of torture. He has also been denied medical treatment. The release of the 'mother of democracy' is very important for the restoration of democracy.

Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said, I think nationalist forces should be united in the spirit of November 7.