Bangladesh Nationalist Party standing committee member Abdul Moyeen Khan on Wednesday said that people’s lives have become miserable and they want to get rid of this situation for which the only way is to oust the Awami League government.

The BNP leader came up with the remarks as he met the member secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South unit BNP, Rafiqul Alam Manju, who had been released from jail recently.

‘Today there is not a single essential commodity the price of which is not sky high. Today in Ramadan, there is no way for the people to break their fasting in the evening. Those who smuggle lakhs of taka abroad have no problem. But how many of Bangladesh’s 18 crore people are in that situation? Where has Bangladesh been led today! The government thinks they have made a lot of profit. We can see that the government is in power. You can certainly stay in power by force! You have guns, tear gas, hand grenades, water cannons, so why not stay in power!’ he said.

The BNP leader also said that the people of Bangladesh do not do ‘logi-baitha’ [stick and oar] politics. Nor does BNP do logi-baitha politics.

‘So the government is doing whatever they want with the force of their bullets, the force of their guns. We are protesting silently. We believe in peaceful politics, systematic politics, we believe in democracy,’ he said, adding that the BNP believes that if democracy is a peaceful process, the process of achieving or restoring it must also be peaceful.

‘We do not believe in the principle that democracy should be established by force. We want change in the state system of Bangladesh through which the real power of the people will return to the hands of the people. People’s government will be re-established in this country instead of a government created by a rigged, sham election,’ he said.

People will get back voting rights, people will get back their minimum economic rights, he said, adding that human rights will be restored.