Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman has expressed the opinion that all pro-democracy political parties have boycotted the upazila elections like January 7 elections. He made such remarks while calling for the boycott of upazila elections in his address to the nation on Friday.

Tarique Rahman said, power-hungry Hasina has not only destroyed all state institutions, politics, economy, religious social values to keep power without voting, she has indulged in the act of destroying the industrial culture and education system of the country in order to create a prostrate generation in the future. The entrance to the University of South Africa reads 'It does not take a nuclear attack or a long-range missile to destroy a nation. Rather, it is enough to destroy the quality of education and give students the opportunity to take advantage of the exam. To understand the significance of this statement, the current education environment and education system of Bangladesh can be a cruel example.

Autopass, unfettered plagiarism, and campuses as safe havens for BLA terrorists have already ensnared a generation in the trap of confusion. Now once again a contentious educational curriculum has been imposed on the young students which is out of touch with the current religious socio-cultural values of Bangladesh. Fascist Hasina, by imposing a unilateral curriculum or taking different decisions about opening or closing schools, seems to be using the students of schools and colleges as a tool to fulfill someone else's wishes.

Acting Chairman of BNP said that there is no news of relief in any sector of the country during the fascist government. The poor state of the economy. The country's marginal population such as agricultural workers, lower middle class or low income people are suffering the most. Thousands of marginal farmers who had taken a farm loan of just thirty five thousand rupees from the bank, many of them are now homeless due to the fear of the police in 'Nun Atin Panta Furay'. More than 1 lakh 26 thousand certificate cases have been filed against farmers across the country. Arrest warrants have been issued against thousands of farmers in the case. Even after 54 years of independence, the working people were not supposed to be in such a state. All the anger and revenge of the fascist Hasina is against the country's farmers, workers, poor hardworking people and opposition political parties and people of opinion.

Tarique Rahman said that the right to vote was the democratic tool of freedom-loving democracy-loving people to stand against Tabedar Hasina's totalitarian corruption, looting, money laundering and irregularities in all areas. Elections were the means of protest. But identified vote robber Hasina has turned the electoral system into a farce by taking away people's right to vote. The Election Commission has been turned into a hangout by some retired greedy crooked bureaucrats. Knowing their incompetence, failures and limitations in conducting elections, when the time of national or local elections approaches, this fraudulent circle of commissions becomes active like greedy animals. However, in every national or local election of 2014, 2018 or 2024, it has been proved that free, fair and impartial elections are not possible in the country by keeping the fascist Hasina in power.

Citing the example of January 7 elections, he said that it is impossible to have a fair election under vote-robber Hasina, that is why 95% of the country's voters boycotted the January 7 dummy election. Due to which the people boycotted the dummy elections, the situation has not improved yet. People sensitive to democracy believed that slaves could never make independent decisions. However, the decadent Election Commission has started a farce in the name of upazila elections. The Election Commission also has no power to take decisions beyond the will of the Awami League. Autocratic Hasina has made the electoral system of the country completely fragile. National or local elections, in any election, Awami League candidates believe that their victory is guaranteed only if they somehow get the party nomination. All they have to do is somehow make it through Election Day to be declared the winner. Therefore, the democratic people do not think that there is any logical reason to participate in the farce in the name of upazila elections going on during the fascist regime.

Tarique Rahman said, vote robber Hasina resorted to various tricks to make the election look competitive as the farce election of vote robber Hasina was widely rejected. Sometimes another dummy candidate has been fielded against one of his own party. Sometimes they have introduced party symbols in local elections, now they have canceled the symbols and indulged themselves in trying to create upazila election drama. However, democratic people cannot be misled by doing this. The pro-democracy force, the pro-Bangladesh force will not fall into the trap of vote thief Hasina. The democracy-loving people of the country feel that not being a part of the farce in the name of elections is the best protest against Hasina's vote-robbery.

Acting Chairman of BNP said, this time I would like to say a few words specially drawing the attention of BNP leaders, workers, supporters and well-wishers at all levels across the country. I know that for the past 17 years, the leaders and activists of BNP and BNP's organs and affiliated organizations have been attacked and tortured by the ruling Awami evil forces. Lakhs of party leaders and activists across the country have been homeless for years due to false or missing cases. Many leaders and activists have been imprisoned completely unjustly. Many leaders and activists have been victims of disappearances and kidnappings. Many have lost their wealth due to their children. He was crippled forever.

Tarique Rahman said that BNPE is currently the most popular and trusted political party for the democratic people of the country due to your endless self-sacrifice. Therefore, the democracy-loving people of the country are looking to you, the BNP, to restore the state power from the hands of the dictator Hasina and establish a democratic state system accountable to the people by direct vote of the people. So, no matter what level of party leader you are, your every political decision needs to be in line with the people's expectations. In this reality, BNP thinks that your participation in the upazila elections under the powerless Hasina, can never be in line with the hopes and aspirations of the democratic people. As a result, BNP and all pro-democracy political parties have boycotted the dummy upazila election this time like the dummy election on January 7.

He said, it is true, the democratic people of the country want to see you as their representative to end the fascist rule of the country. But dictator Hasina will rob the people's votes like in 2018, that's why more than 95% of the country's voters boycotted the January 7 dummy election. However, if these voters get a chance to vote in a free, fair and impartial election in the national or local elections, they will vote for the BNP and pro-democracy candidate. Candidates of pro-democracy political parties, including BNP, will win in public elections. Each of you as a representative of Bangladesh, pro-democracy or as a leader who feels the tide of BNP's popularity in his area. can understand From this understanding, some of you may have an interest in becoming a candidate for the upazila elections. I can certainly understand your perception but I think you need to be careful about one more thing. what is that That is, if your party, namely the people's party BNP, does not participate in the national or local elections, that election is never acceptable to the democratic people. Vote thief Hasina wants to make you and BNP participate in farce elections by showing fear or temptation to make the so-called elections under her seem participatory. But the moment your participation in the so-called election can be confirmed on paper, then you will see the real nature of Hasina, the vote robber, is being exposed.

Tarique Rahman said that more than 95% of the country's voters strongly believe that if free and fair elections are held, the representatives of BNP and pro-democracy will win with huge votes across the country. However, despite the huge popularity of BNP across the country, powerless Hasina will not allow BNP and pro-democracy forces to win any election under her. A few may be forced to declare winners in order to prove the mock election is fair and participatory. But rest assured, no one elected from BNP will be allowed to serve as public representative. Rather, you will be sent to jail with a false case or you will be taken away from responsibility by issuing circulars. During the dictatorial Hasina's fascist government, the first elected mayor of Gazipur City Corporation Professor MA Mannan or the mayor of Rajshahi, Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul, who were elected from BNP at various times, none of them were allowed to perform their duties properly. Despite being elected by the people, they have to spend most of their time in jail on false charges.

He said that even after the brutal persecution of you for the last 17 years, you could not be separated from the party and the people. BNP could not be suppressed. Rather, BNP has made a place in the hearts of democratic people in every home of Bangladesh. BNP is not only a political party but because of your hard work-sweat-talent-sacrifice of every leader-activist-well-wisher-supporter at all levels of BNP, BNP is now a trusted political institution to every democracy-loving people of Bangladesh. In the current situation of the country, the interests of Bangladesh are intertwined with the interests of BNP. The existence of BNP is intertwined with the existence of Bangladesh. Therefore, at this critical juncture of the country, the leadership of BNP at all levels must take every decision with the highest priority to the interests of the country and the people. Because people are the source of all political power of BNP.

Acting Chairman of BNP said, please don't get confused even if the Awami forces want to mislead you or you with fear or temptation. The so-called upazila election or the participation in the so-called election is not an urgent matter at this moment. It is much more glorious, much more honorable for you to be blessed with the love of the people than to be a sharer of state power during the dictator Hasina's regime.

As soldiers of Shaheed Zia, as activists of the country's leader, we need to remember that the freedom fighter should not have lost his life if he compromised with the interests of the country. Mother of Democracy Begum Khaleda Zia should not have been imprisoned in the net of oppressors. So, my humble request to all the leaders, workers and well wishers of the party, boycott the so called upazila elections. Encourage people to boycott too. Take the side of democracy. Be with the people. Keep the people together.

Tarique Rahman said that not only democracy or human rights, but also the freedom of the country and the people are at risk. After the brutal killing of Abrar in Buet, Arshadul and Ashraful in Madhukhali or the cookie-china activities, if we fail to understand the consequences, if we are not careful and aware now, then the day is not far when we may have to accept the fate of the Palestinians in our own land. That sign has already become clear. So, the pro-Bangladesh forces, the pro-democracy forces must be united. To protect the freedom of the country and the people, a united resistance should be built shoulder to shoulder. If we are united, it is only a matter of time to bring Bangladesh back to the people.