Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, BNP Senior Joint Secretary General, remarked that the government, without voter support, has become increasingly reckless and incompetent in managing the country. He made these comments during a press conference at the central office of BNP on Sunday.

Rizvi stated, ‘Following the people’s boycott of the “Awami League vs. Awami League” upazila elections last Wednesday, the government has become even more disoriented. The humiliating defeat suffered by the reckless Sheikh Hasina government is evident. The recent local government elections, such as the upazila elections, have demonstrated that the Awami League has significantly lost its popularity. This is a clear indication of a party being dismantled and obliterated due to its own failures. Now, they are left only with a few thugs, and their only supporter is India.’

He also noted that people’s protests against the single-party government were growing across the country. Observing the strong unity among the people demanding the government’s resignation, Sheikh Hasina, fearing the increasing pressure, has once again planned a severe crackdown to suppress opposition parties, including the BNP.

The Joint Secretary also stated, ‘On October 28, during the mass gathering of the people, a conflict was deliberately created to crack down on opposition parties. Similarly, during yesterday’s Jubo Dal rally, intelligence agencies and Awami League activists staged a drama of grenade explosions using polythene bags in Nayapaltan, the capital’s area.’

He added, ‘Last Friday, after witnessing the crowd in Nayapaltan demanding the release of national leader Begum Khaleda Zia, the ignorant Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader threatened, “If BNP creates chaos again, I have already taught them one lesson, and now I will teach them twice. We are not idle.” Following Obaidul Quader’s announcement, agents of Awami League’s chaos and terror entered the scene. They were responsible for injuring a young vagrant by throwing crude bombs in polythene bags in Nayapaltan. The police took him for treatment. People suspect that they may plan further violent acts. Whenever they see a peaceful democratic movement, Sheikh Hasina’s oppressive forces attack it to suppress it.’

Rizvi stated, ‘With the support of India, a special force has been established to safeguard Sheikh Hasina’s throne after the one-party dummy election without voters on January 7. They are killing, torturing, arresting, suppressing, and attacking BNP leaders and activists on various false pretenses.’

He continued, ‘Today, Sunday, is International Mother’s Day. Begum Khaleda Zia, the beloved figure of the Bangladeshi people, our cherished national leader and “Mother of Democracy”, is in critical condition. Since February 2018, Sheikh Hasina has been imprisoning this country’s mother on completely false charges, motivated by vindictive violence. This information has also been highlighted in the human rights reports of various international human rights organizations and countries around the world. Today, our hearts ache with sorrow. The mother of democracy is suffering immensely. Despite her urgent need for medical treatment abroad, Sheikh Hasina is refusing to allow Begum Khaleda Zia to seek medical attention. Sheikh Hasina is unjustly imprisoning a 78-year-old woman, who has dedicated her life to fighting for democracy in Bangladesh, both mentally and physically, simply to retain power. It is clear today that Sheikh Hasina wants her dead.’

He also mentioned, ‘In a fabricated case, Narayanganj District BNP President and former Member of Parliament, Bir Muktijoddha Md. Ghiyas Uddin, surrendered to the court and applied for bail. However, the court denied bail and sent him to jail. Additionally, I strongly condemn and protest against the fact that Chandpur District BNP Vice President and Kachua Upazila BNP President, former Mayor Humayun Kabir, was granted bail in a false case today. Despite his bail application being rejected by the lower court, he was sent to prison. I demand the immediate withdrawal of their false cases and their unconditional release.”