01 June 2023

Press release

Condemnation and protest of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir

Awami miscreants filed a false case in the name of former Member of Parliament, Joint Secretary General of BNP and convener of Narsingdi district BNP Khairul Kabir Khokon and his wife and self-reliance secretary of BNP, former MP Shirin Sultana, and the well-planned burning of their Narsingdi residence twice by Awami miscreants yesterday. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir made a statement expressing concern, condemning and protesting.

BNP General Secretary said in a statement today, “Narsingdi town like the whole country is now a sanctuary of government terror. Unprecedented oppression is going on under the umbrella of the government against the leaders and activists of BNP and its affiliates. Not only that, the government-backed terrorists have turned the city into a bloodbath by continuously attacking BNP activists. The name of the city of panic is now Narsingdi. In this regard, the police administration is mysteriously silent. Already, a blocked situation has been created with a well-planned false case in the name of BNP's Joint Secretary General and former student leader Mr. Khairul Kabir Khokon and his wife and BNP National Executive Committee's Independent Affairs Secretary Shirin Sultana. Awami miscreants burnt down their Narsingdi house yesterday.

Awami League has broken the state-society status since coming to power. The repressive apparatus of the government is working brutally to keep the democracy-loving people in demand while continuing the one-party authoritarian rule. No person in the country has any security of life, movement and living in peace. A bankrupt government in endless failure has chosen terror and bloodshed as its only program.

I call for the immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of those involved in the burning of their houses in Narsingdi along with the withdrawal of the false, fabricated and politically motivated cases filed in the name of Khairul Kabir Khokon and Shirin Sultana."

Message sender

Md. Taiful Islam Tipu

Deputy Secretary

Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP.