17 August 2023

Statement of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has expressed deep concern over the verdict of senior journalist Shafiq Rehman and former acting editor of "Amar Desh" newspaper Mahmudur Rahman to seven years of rigorous imprisonment today in two separate sections in the false case of abduction and attempted murder of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's son and his information technology advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

In a statement today, BNP Secretary General said, "Senior journalists Shafiq Rehman and Mahmudur Rahman were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment today in fabricated cases in continuation of imprisonment in false and absent cases filed by the current vindictive, arbitrary and authoritarian Awami government of the name of people with different views." Such a case is a drama history. Those who speak against 1/11, speak in favor of democracy, speak against the terrible misrule of the current ruling group, speak against injustice, they are targeted by the Awami government. One of the best editors of Bangladesh, Mr. Shafiq Rehman's newspaper 'JayJay Din' is highly appreciated by the democratic movement and young society. Mr. Mahmudur Rahman is a fearless soldier for democracy. The formal judgments against these two famous editors in false and fabricated cases prove that the current fascist government controls the judiciary. The people rejected this formal ruling. This type of punishment is part of the deep blueprint of the illegal Awami government. When the people are shaking the streets against the disgraceful lawlessness of the fascist Awami government and the utter failure of state management, the illegitimate ruling group has become zero point knowledge. And so two leading journalists like Shafiq Rehman and Mahmudur Rahman have been jailed. By controlling the courts, the illegal Awami government has become desperate to implement its objectives. However, the people have come to the streets with a strong determination against the oppression of the Awami government through the state machinery. No matter how many conspiracies and conspiracies are hatched, the people will not allow voter-less farce elections anymore. With the resignation of Awami government, the people will force the government to hold elections under a non-partisan neutral government.

I strongly condemn, protest and express deep concern over the awarding of 7 years of rigorous imprisonment in the vindictive case filed against senior journalist Shafiq Rehman and former acting editor of "Amar Desh" newspaper Mahmudur Rahman and call for the immediate withdrawal of the case beside the cancellation of their verdict.”

Message sender

 (Muhammad Munir Hossain)

Assistant Office Secretary

Bangladesh Nationalist Party – BNP